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Thread: Repeating Modes

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    Repeating Modes

    Hi all,

    Google hasn't been much help, but maybe I just don't know exactly what it is I'm looking for. I have a somewhat complicated setup that I'm having trouble with, and the different repeater modes are really confusing me. I have three routers: an Asus RT-N16, Linksys E3000, and a Verizon Actiontec (I don't know the model number but I can get it if it becomes relevant). The two non-Verizon routers are both running dd-wrt big.

    Basically, I have the RT-N16 as the main router, connected to the Verizon ONT in the basement. The problem is, most of the wireless clients are upstairs, meaning the signal is pretty poor. I also, however, have some wired clients upstairs that I'd like to connect.

    What I'm trying to do is connect the E3000 (via ethernet) to the RT-N16, but also have it extend the wireless range of the RT-N16. From my understanding of the readings on this site, I should be trying Repeater Bridge mode--is this correct?

    The problem is that this mode cuts the bandwidth in half, which could be a problem for the wireless-n media devices upstairs streaming videos. Can this be alleviated by the E3000's dual bands? Is there no way to repeat a wireless signal, but have it communicate with the original router over wired connection? I wanted to try to use the RT-N16 downstairs as G-only, as it has better range and I don't have any wireless streaming devices downstairs, so it's fine for internet access. Then I wanted the E3000 and both its N-bands upstairs for the streaming ability.

    I suppose I could give the E3000 it's own wireless network, and have upstairs devices connect to that, while downstairs devices connect to the RT-N16, but I figured I would check here first. The Verizon router only really needs to be a client on the network in order for me to get VOD and guide listings, but I was going to use it for extra wireless if possible (and it doesn't seem like it is).

    Thanks for any and all input guys.

    PS, if it helps any: The RT-N16 is on the gateway, with the Verizon and E3000 routers connected on and, respectively.

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    If you have it connected to the RT16 via ethernet..hopefully via a LAN port of each, DHCP disabled on the e3000...just have it do the same SSID but a different channel. Although I'd want the e3000 at the's faster than the RT16.
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