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Thread: Well im new but i might need help

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    Well im new but i might need help

    I play game, sometime live stream my game and use Skype. well I don't know a lot of tweaking the connection. but here is my netalyzr and my speed test
    Minor Aberrations –
    •Certain TCP protocols are blocked in outbound traffic
    •Network packet buffering may be excessive

    Network Access Link Properties + –
    Network performance (?): Latency: 94 ms, Loss: 0.0% +
    TCP connection setup latency (?): 97ms +
    Background measurement of network health (?): no transient outages +
    Network bandwidth (?): Upload 960 Kbit/s, Download 5.6 Mbit/s +
    Network buffer measurements (?): Uplink 1400 ms, Downlink 78 ms –
    We estimate your uplink as having 1400 ms of buffering. This is quite high, and you may experience substantial disruption to your network performance when performing interactive tasks such as web-surfing while simultaneously conducting large uploads. With such a buffer, real-time applications such as games or audio chat can work quite poorly when conducting large uploads at the same time.
    -We estimate your downlink as having 78 ms of buffering. This level may serve well for maximizing speed while minimizing the impact of large transfers on other traffic.


    P.S. I thought I fix my problem but the problem still there. my league of legend crash on particular mode like arem and other but 5v5 pub or rank game work. Now I need help. 6/24/13 4:38 pm pacific time
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