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Thread: Can't get full speed through browsers but torrents fine?

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    Can't get full speed through browsers but torrents fine?

    Hi guys.
    I have a problem and I'm not sure why or how I can fix it. Basically I can only download at around 60-70mbps using web browsers. When I downloaded a Linux ISO through utorrent, I got a full 105mbps/12.4MB/s the whole time it was downloading. I can download that ISO at any time and I always get full speed. I can also confirm that the issue is not that my ISP is throttling HTTP.

    My setup is this: Virgin modem connected with cat 6 to a Linksys E4200, and then laptop is connected either by wifi or cat 6.

    When I connect the laptop directly to the Virgin modem I can usually get 100mbps in speed tests give or take 5mbps or so. When I connect the modem to the Linksys E4200, and then my laptop to the Linksys, I get at most 70mbps over cat 6.

    To me it looks like the Linksys E4200 is being a bottleneck, but I know for sure the hardware is more than capable. Some time ago I tested a file transfer from lan to wireless and it got 230mbps on wifi.

    I have performed factory resets of both devices and re-entered all the relevant settings, and still no improvement. I'm on wifi as I speak and the most I can get on speedtests is around 65mbps, and these speeds were also reflected back when filesonic was operational. However going further back I also used to be able to get 12MB/s down on filesonic too. My torrents are unaffected and it gradually hits 12.4MB/s. I'm using an old version 1.6.1 of utorrent which I believe still uses TCP, so I don't think it's a TCP/UDP issue.

    One thing I will say is that I have used the TCP optimizer before and I'm wondering if that has messed up some settings. However that wouldn't explain why I get 100mbps direct connection to the modem, but 70 max when I put the Linksys router in the middle, even when all the connections are cat 6.

    Do routers suddenly go bad or can they lose part of their performance? I find this unlikely but this is how it seems. I have performed numerous factory resets of both devices by holding in the button on the back. I'm really lost now since this is the same hardware and settings I've been using for ages, but at one time I used to get 100mbps over wifi no problem.

    I've tried other browsers and disabling AV/firewalls to no effect.

    Is someone able to use TCP optimizer to grab the default Windows 7 networking settings and upload that file for me please?

    Many thanks

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