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Thread: begging for help with LAN setup

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    Question begging for help with LAN setup


    I registered in order to beg for help with setting up a local area network in my home. If you are anywhere near Shreveport Louisiana, I would be happy to buy you a beer.

    I am not completely computer illiterate, but I have been out of the game for about a decade and I would greatly appreciate any advice being broken down barney-style.

    Here is the hardware that I would like to network (for file-sharing purposes):

    1) a Netgear N600 wireless dualband gigabit router (model WNDR3700v2)
    2) a laptop running XP professional [wired connection]
    3) A Direct TV DVR (model HR24-200) [wired connection]
    4) A laptop running Windows 7 starter [wireless connection]
    5) A Toshiba Thrive tablet running Android 3.1 [wireless connection]
    6) A Motorola Droid X running Android 2.3.3 [wireless connection]

    Being a networking novice, just thinking about getting all of these operating systems talking to one another makes my head hurt. But common sense tells me that this *should* be possible; all of these devices have an assigned IP address and a MAC address, etc. and they're all connected to the same router. Am I wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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    Do you have a "server" so to speak? Meaning 1 PC that will have all of the folder shares (music, videos, etc.).

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    Hi, thanks for the interest.

    Yes, I suppose that if there is a machine that would be dubbed the central unit, it would be the laptop running XP pro; I use it exclusively to log into the router as admin.

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    I should clarify that one of my goals is to access the hard drive in the DVR with my laptop in order to save recorded programs to removable media or an external hard drive. I just deleted the entire first season of Game of Thrones (freaking beautiful full 1080i, 5.1 surround sound), and I got to thinking that it really is a shame that I had to do that just to record more episodes of beavis and butthead.

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    After poking around for the better part of the day, I have come to the conclusion that it is not possible to access the DVR HDD thru my home LAN.

    For one thing, I have learned that my DVR runs on a custom Linux-based operating system, and that the files it stores are hemmed up under some kind of military-grade encryption. For another, I now understand that DirecTv wants me to believe that I am breaking some law by even asking how to archive my bought-and-paid-for 1080p programing on any device other than the one they rented me.

    I thought that since I could see the DVR through the admin utility on my router, and that I could ping it through the windows XP cmd prompt, that it would be possible to go poking around in its root directory, but it turns out that this is a pipe dream.

    If anyone knows of a workaround (other than real-time analog video capture), I would be happy to try it.

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    i think your problem between switching and your server i think your check all lad step by step and when problem find out nest to take a action and solved it

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    Hello Every One !!!!
    I should explain that one of my objectives is to availability the disk generate generate in the DVR with my laptop to protect documented programs to extractable press or an disk generate generate.
    I think your issue between changing and your web variety web host hosting server i think your analyze all lad comprehensive and when issue discover out home to take a action and set it

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