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Thread: Maybe it can't be fixed

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    Maybe it can't be fixed

    Lent my laptop to son because his was not working (I fixed it) now mine is not working. He said he got a warning about overheating so he shut it down, took it back to dorm and put it upside down on his desk so it would cool. He accidentally spilled soda onto the back of laptop.

    Ok, laptop wouldn't turn on at all, just the blue light on side. I took battery out, cleaned it up a little, still didn't work. I bought a universal battery and now I can get it to start but it immediately shuts down. Its almost like it wants to start but can't get up enough power. Now, that description is my own unprofessional one. I really don't know if that is a legitimate description.

    Is there anything else I can do? This is a HP dv7 3085dx. One month past the year warranty...


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    It's a tough call. Much of it depends on if it was running when it got wet, how long it was running after it got wet, what exact areas of it got wet, etc. Better chance of getting it running again if it wasn't turned on when it got was turned off ASAP after getting wet. can get it to work again. Depends on what (if) something got cooked. This involves completely taking it apart...and cleaning it very well with denatured alcohol, to save typing, this link pretty much sums it up.
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    Thank you! I'll try cleaning insides. It was not running when it got wet and supposedly a small spill. He did not start it up for a week, then nothing happened when he did. I think the vent right below the battery....battery too.

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    If it had been only water you would likely be OK, since it wasn't running and had time to dry out. Pop or soda has sugar, etc in it that leaves behind a sticky residue when it dries up. That could gum up the battery contacts and potentially short some contacts on the motherboard. The biggest pain will be getting the laptop case apart. I'd have a good look on line to see if you can find a service manual for it. That will save some head scratching trying to figure out what comes apart first. They like to hide screws under the rubber feet on the bottom too.
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