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Thread: Signal Dropping Since Upgrade To Higher Speed ?

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    Signal Dropping Since Upgrade To Higher Speed ?


    I recently upgraded my my Wildblue internet service to the highest speed they offer. I noticed that I couldn't load Netflix. When I contacted Netflix they told me the "signal kept dropping" and to contact Wildblue. I contacted Wildblue and they noticed it too. I do have an older Netgear router, but I use an ethernet cable. My TV is plugged into the back of the router which is plugged into the modem. I did not have this problem before upgrading. Then I noticed connection problems with my laptop. So I plugged that into the modem. The disconnecting still occurred. Perhaps I didn't leave the router off long enough, or reboot everything a enough times ?

    Any suggestions as to why this is happening at at higher speed ? I'm not getting the speed I pay for, which is usual with Wildblue. It is always less than the plan states, but I am used to that.

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    They could be cutting you're speed and you not know it... just downloading a few movies from netflix with other uses can reach you're limits thru WildBlue which I wouldn't recommend to anyone if you have any other alternative.

    If this isn't what is happening then its up to Wildblue to check out the issue - could be packetloss some where have them send someone out and check signals...who knows at this point but sounds like its directly from them.

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    Thanks for the response

    My speed is okay, but there is a signal drop every so often that causes the Netflix to rebuffer and my computer to give me a connection error. If I reload my page it comes back immediately.

    I live in a rural area and can only get satellite internet service. I would love to have cable, but they aren't going to be spending money putting that it along our dirt roads.

    Thanks for the response. I am pretty sure the problem is at their end. I will have to down grade to the middle package again. I had little problem with that, but the speed is slow.

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