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Thread: Router to Router wireless communication

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    Unhappy Router to Router wireless communication


    I am a software programmer with very little networking knowledge, I need your help in setting up wireless communication between two routers. Let me explain the background story of it. Ours is a small apartment complex with 4 floors. We have a router (Netgear N 300) set up in the second floor. I get wireless internet in my flat. I wanted to extend this by setting up another router (Linksys WRT54G) in my flat connected wireless to the main router so that I can plug in my PC and Vonage phone to it. Can anyone give me link to any tutorial or let me know how to accomplish. I will not use the second for WIFI, I will only use it as a switch that get the internet wirelessly.

    Please help.

    Thanks in advance.


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    You need to set the second router as a wireless extender/bridge in order to get the WAN side to be wireless.. I'd suggest installing DD-WRT on the linksys router and look at their site for setting it up in this wireless client/bridge/extender mode.

    Alternatively, if connecting the two routers with CAT5 is an option, you can set the second as an access point to increase the wireless coverage.

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