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Thread: NetworkThrottlingIndex Please Help

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    NetworkThrottlingIndex Please Help

    Done alot of resurching
    Ok I'm confused I'v read people saying making this Reg file fffffff to turn off NetworkThrottlingIndex or leave it.

    Running Cable
    Speed Test
    Just Wondering i do get the odd shutter and hit detection delay should i make it fffffff and turn it off

    NetworkThrottlingIndex = a is default
    NetworkThrottlingIndex = ffffffff

    This is the post i read

    Maybe make it 15 or 20 and try them because 0x000000a or somthing is default (10)

    Just wanna fix the issue of FPS bullet delay.

    Running 1gbit intel card with netgear CG3302
    1meter Ethernet no wireless on

    120hz screen.
    ISP sync is fine.

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    wut?? not sure what you are trying to do here but FPS bullet delay isn't big of a deal if you play on good servers with decent routing/ping anything under 100 should be great 100-150 = fine and so on... have a decent computer to play on with good graphics card which is a little more than you need for whatever game you play, good PSU to power that card and keep computer clean like junk running in the background, tool bars and crap like that.

    I look at my gaming rig and I see only 36 processes on Windows7 which only a few are not used by the OS such as Steam or Precision for monitoring my EVG card...and that's ALL! I keep it lean and mean!

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    i ll use me:1 packet is 1472 bit (MY mtu size)this setting you speak by default limit packet(ignore the limit word please ty)to 10 packet PER MILLISECOND !there is 1000 millisecond in a second=10000 packet per second x 1472 =14720000 bit per second (sorry if my math is off but you get the idea!i dont know if there is a rule for this but ms say that the chance this setting affecting you (with todays multimedia)is very low!so i wouldnt bother with this bed side reading!

    on a side note,could you explain a bit more what your issue is?i aint sure i got what you meant correctly?ty!


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