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Thread: Browser taking too long to load

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    Browser taking too long to load

    This problem seems to be on both our PC and Laptop. Charter cable connected to a Router and WiFi. Up until about 3 weeks ago when you first open up IE9 you would get your home page in about 1 second. Now it's taking 4 - 6 seconds. No settings have been changed on the computers or router settings. The Win7 install on the PC is pretty fresh too.

    Any Ideas where to start looking?

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    BTW... I did try changing over to the Google DNS but that didn't seem to help.

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    I would start looking at add-ons (specifically toolbars and extensions)...disable and re-enable one by one (make a note of their settings before changing), update any that show updates.
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    Under Internet Properties


    Lan settings

    Uncheck Automatically detect settings.


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