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Thread: Internet acting strange today, please help

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    Unhappy Internet acting strange today, please help


    I have been having trouble with my internet today for the last 8 hours or so and cannot figure out what is going on.

    I normally test on speedtest 48.5DL and 2.9 upload. on an advertised 50mb connection

    Today for some reason my net was slow so i did a test... .5 DL but still 2.9 upload.

    i have done the following.

    Shutdown everything, restarted modem/router (cisco DCP3825) waited for it to come online, turned on pc.. not fixed.

    Switched back and forth between my onboard ethernet adapter and killer NIC 2100 with the others drivers unintalled, both tested the same results. reinstalled drivers for both, tried the same... not fixed.

    Tried ipcofig release/renew... not fixed.

    Tried factory reset on modem/router... not fixed.

    Called my isp, they ran tests and said everything tests ok.

    I started trying different speed tests, IF i can even get the speed tests website completly loaded. is taking several minutes per site. mostly tests .3 to .5 dl, 2.9up... sometimes though it went up to 17mb DL , 2.9 up and one time it tested normal 48dl and 2.9 up


    .238 DL and 2.5 upload

    shaw speedtest (my isp)

    17 DL 2.6 up

    Please help...

    Im back on hold with my ISP at the moment for 53 minutes...

    Edit: im plugged right into the router/modem. Im the only one using it. on a brand new pc(1 month old)

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    +400 readers and no answer that's not cool!

    please see case below... Cheers

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