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Thread: Anti-Virus Ranking & Review Site?

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    Anti-Virus Ranking & Review Site?

    Is there a good site that reviews, tests, ranks, etc... all the popular anti-virus brands?

    I found a few misc. sites that did it, but wanted to see if there was a more official/trusted one from people that work with it for a living.

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    The only site I refer to is
    They remain unbiased, and do more real world testing of products. I especially like the "Dynamics" tests...they test products more in an environment of how the typical user uses their computer, instead of such sterile lab tests of just scanning.
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    Nice site! I've been using free AV's for years. I bought a 3 pack of kaspersky 2012 from newegg that was free AR.

    Thanks for the link.

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    Avira antivirus always my first choice!

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    The problem with Avast is that it uses a lot more system resources than Avira or BitDefender. You are missing BitDefender Free Antivirus ( in that list ? It is about the same as Avira Free as far as detection rates, without the nagging and false positives. Both are better at detection than AVG, with lower resource use than Avast. Your list is outdated it seems.

    Just look at the charts at -->

    You are also missing AdwCleaner ( , great PUP/Toolbars/Extensions cleaner that can be used to complement things missed by MalwareBytes.

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    iobit malware fighter is literally a perfect antivirus, but they hada lawesuite because there name was too similar to norton 360 and ran out of money for advertising

    - iobit malware fighter uses live algorithms do identify bloick and CAPTURE malicious code and its senders ip address.
    - it uses no more than 20 mb of active memory space
    - its super fast and SILENTLY blocks all viruses malware and exploits with a simple red blip on its internal radar
    - the free version is nice but spammy, 20$ buys you iobit malware figher pro (no nags) for the rest of your life

    i use my own software tech now, but when i was young i found it to be the ultimate solution, also dont use avg they will backdoor your software! (avg acclerator 2010 and older are based on MY batch files, one day im going to sue the (PROFANE) out of them.

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    Really? Responding to a thread from 2011? I would expect better from you. LoL

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    Yeah. 2015 and you still haven't sued the (profane) out of them. Good luck with that.

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