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Thread: Ping 500ms , only on desk pc, all others 20ms, able to change that ?

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    Ping 500ms , only on desk pc, all others 20ms, able to change that ?

    Hello to all of you

    Im new to this site, but was told i might be able to get help here.

    I have my desk pc with win7 6bit, going online through wifi.

    Ive got myself a 100/10Mbit Fiber line, so there shouldnt be a reduce in internet speed.

    I got a D-Link 655 wifi router.

    My problem is the ping on the desk pc, its about 500ms.

    Every other device or computer connected to this only get around 20ms.

    Desk Pc :

    Ping test :

    I did a speed test with my provider and here is the information from that :

    Ive been trying to use the cabel directly from the fiber box to the pc but for some reason i will not go online when i do that.

    I downloaded the TCPoptimizer, i set it to 100mbps and optimal and reboot and still i get the same.

    I hope somebody can help me with this, if yuo need any other information, plz do let me know and i will provide it for you.

    Thank you in advance.

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    You should test with a Cat5 cable between your computer and the router instead of using wireless at such speeds, and to eliminate the possibility that it is the wireless connection.

    If you connect your PC to the "fiber box" directly, you may have to reboot the box, and it may still not work (if it is bound to the MAC address of the router). In generall, any time you connect a different device via Cat5 you may have to power-cycle for it to recognize it.

    You may also want to make sure that your router is away (at least 30cm / 1 foot) from any other modems/power supplies to avoid interference, they're not well shielded.

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