Hi all;

I just upgrade my Time Warner Cable Wideband to 50Mbps to a UBEE Model # DDW3611.

I'm looking for help to get the max through put out of the system.

I will be have all devices with their personal IP address. I will leave 6 DHCP IP address open for visitor.

I have the following setup.
Modem UBEE Model # DDW3611
connected to a 24 port hub.

the following device are connected to the hub.

(4) XBOX 360 Live systems
(4) Direct TV HD DVR hole house system
(1) Play Station 3
(1) WII
(1) desktop computer
(1) Printer

(6) Laptops WiFi connected to UBEE Model # DDW3611

Question would what is the port that need to be open?

Someone told me about a software that you could buy the you enter the modem type and all other devices and it will come back with the best configuration for the hole system. Dose any one know the name and the url so I can get or is their something better on the market?