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Thread: Wireless ISP and connection tweaks

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    Wireless ISP and connection tweaks

    Hello all..

    Here's my situation: I have a wireless ISP provider. The tower is 1.5 Miles away. My receiver is on a 40' Pole with tower in sight.
    My plan is a standard 1.5Mb/download. I used to get around 300Kbs when downloading at night. Yea, I live in the country. I have a router for home networking,too.

    I just did a format and clean WIN7 install on my desktop PC, and now need some advice for tweaking. I have all my drivers updated and do recall that my
    MTU was set at 1500. Not sure what my RWIN was. Can anyone assist me or point me in the right direction?

    Any advice for what my network adapter settings should be,too?


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    Are you getting similar speeds now ?
    A speed test from may give you an idea of how close you are to the advertised speed.

    You may want to try the TCP Optimizer, just choose your rated speed, and apply the optimal settings. Tweaks for WISPs (Wireless ISPs) are pretty much the same as conventional wired broadband connections. There may be some additional complexity as to pointing the antenna, using proper connectors/cabling and a clear channel, but that should be handled by your ISP. You may also want to keep the modem/router away from any possible sources of EMI, as most of them are not well shielded against interference.

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    Checking thread

    Download speeds down to 150 Kb/sec. Very slow right now.

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