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Thread: smc comcast modem and Ip cameras

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    smc comcast modem and Ip cameras

    Currently I have a comcast smc modem along with 5 "public" IPs ( business class account )
    I have two IP cameras and a nas to host the recorded files
    I would like to issue the cameras as well as the nas public ips
    each would then be a "service" running via port 80 with its own public ip
    (avoid having to a nat port forward)
    My question is - do I have to set the smc to "pass-through or bridging " mode
    what should the subnet = on the 3 devices
    The gateway would be the smc.

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    Log into the SMC..go to the firewall section, check in the box for "Disable firewall for true static IP subnet".

    Now on your cameras..enter the public IP, subnet mask, and default gateway that Comcast gave you for your additional IPs. And DNS of your choosing, depending on your setup.

    Not so sure I'd stick a NAS out there though..yikes!
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    I have to agree with you on the nas - so we will at the nas up at the remote site
    and store stills (jpeg) and not video , this will help keep image quality up
    and the reliance on a steady upload speed down.
    Thanks for your answer and I have to say I have followed some of your other posts
    and to make a long story short - its why I asked you in a message.
    You do a great job!!1
    Thanks again

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