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Thread: Need experienced help: achieving 2 proxy connections through VMware guests

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    Need experienced help: achieving 2 proxy connections through VMware guests

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if it is possible to get 2 different IPs one on the physical machine and a different one for the VMware guest. In this case I am using the AOL/AIM dialer which assigns a stable IP for region-specific usage to US only services. Once connected, an US-based IP is assigned until you log off.

    I would like to know how to get both host and guest to get assigned a different IP from this proxy connection, all through one physical connection to the router, or if need be through different physical connections. The machine has 2 network cards.

    My physical devices:
    - Cable modem -> Router (wrt54g w/ dd-wrt firmware) -> PC connection1 (DHCP, fixed IP through mac ID)

    Pretty standard setup there. I have another router lying around (wrt54g2 /dd capable) that can be hooked up if necessary.

    - Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    - VMware Workstation 8 (bridging)

    Thank you and have a good day.

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    The Remote Console Proxy allows a tenant (a vSphere Remote Console client) using VMware vCloud Director (vCD) the ability to access a vApp (VM) and open and present the console of that vApp (VM) in question.

    So, why do we need to have a Remote Console Proxy at all? In the context of VMware vCloud Director, we have a product that is designed to work over the public Internet. For security reasons, we need an intermediate communication module, the Remote Console Proxy. The security aspect and benefit here for the Service Provider means that they do not have to put their vSphere infrastructure directly on the internet, and for the consumers (tenants) of such a service, they gain the ability of access through an additional security layer such as a firewall, etc.
    More of these article at:

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