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Thread: high ping ( latency) ... :(

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    high ping ( latency) ... :(

    my tracert yahoo .com

    1- am using adsl about 8 years ago .. my ping always about 90 - 100 - 110 ms
    2- this month my ping is always +300 ms
    3- i called my ISP ... they always says that my line is good no problems
    4- my download rate is great .. just (ping is my problem)


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    Note the ping increase once your connection hits nodes (Cogent)... Your ISP seems to be using cheaper backbones that tend to have higher latency. Your SNR seems great, yet there is still quite a bit of latency to the first hop, maybe congested node. I don't think you can improve that on your end much, unless your ISP honors ToS settings.

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    lol i called my ISP again ... but this time I was talking, with understanding what am saying ..

    they admitted that my problem is ( congested node ) and now they work on it lol

    thank u Mr Philip ur reply was very helpful ^^

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