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Thread: ISP/Carriers that own INFRASTRUCTURE

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    ISP/Carriers that own INFRASTRUCTURE

    Hi Guys,

    I am an independent network consultant that is in the process of setting up backup internet so that when the primary line goes down it automatically switchs over to the backup line.

    My main concern is that I need to make sure that my backup is running over a different infrastrure, e.g. VZ and TWC uses different cables, paths and equipment, but earthline uses TWC infrasture. Is there a website that compiled a list of websites carriers that have their own infrastructure within New York and other region.

    Or is there an agency that the carriers have to register with to run copper, coax and fiber that I can look into? (NY Public Utility)?

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    I haven't seen an updated list in a long time....the game is changing so much lately.
    This list is from 2006....quite outdated. East coast....Verizon backbone is a big player.
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