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Thread: Will getting a better broadband improve my Ping (and stop it fluctuating?)

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    Will getting a better broadband improve my Ping (and stop it fluctuating?)

    I know that latency and download speed and stuff are different.

    But the ping is fine (normally 37ms) during non peak hours.

    But when my brother comes home the ping will fluctuate from 70ms to 300ms depending on whether he's watching a video or something.

    So will improving from 8mb to 20mb stop this fluctuation? I know that ping is how fast packets can go, but if I get a better broadband will that mean that more people can use the internet without the performance being effected?

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    Yeah should help but what is he doing is a better question cause the way I see it is your bro's usage is hammering your connection with video, torrents and whatever else so if you give him a faster connection whats to say he doesn't hammer that by doubling what he's able to do and still leave you the same issue?

    What I would recommand if you are paying for the service and its going thru a router you control is to throttle him at that point..some routers will allow you to setup gaming packets as a priority such as dlinks "Game Fuel".

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    How do I throttle him at a point? And how do I put gaming packets as a priority?
    Also, I heard that switching from copper cable to fibre optic will improve latency?
    If I go for Virgin Media or BT Infinity broadband will I get improved latency?

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