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Thread: Slow internet at night and during weekends. HELP!!! :(

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    Slow internet at night and during weekends. HELP!!! :(


    I have a 1Mbps account at Orange Mauritius and every evening, I go mad! Orange is like the only provider here, so, no provider switching... Anyway, I usually get speeds like 110+ Kbps during the day but at night it's like 10-20 Kbps. How bout that eh!? I can't even watch a damn Lady Gaga video on youtube and even my Gmail gives me this message: "Some Gmail features have failed to load due to an Internet connectivity problem. If this problem persists, try reloading the page, or using the basic HTML version. Learn More."

    Sometime I feel like picking up my jackhammer and go smash up their stores.

    I'm on a Windows 7 home premium x64, I usually use Google chrome and have Jdownloader installed. Here's a thing though: If I set Jdownloader's max connections to 20, which is JD's maximum, I get my full speed regardless of the time! I haven't figured out why yet...

    Now, I did this NDT on and it says "Other network traffic is congesting the link" What does that mean?

    I called Orange multiple times but the morons aren't giving me any useful info-they tell me to reset my router everytime. So, what can I do about that?
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    By using Jdownloader it seems as though you have screwed your settings up. Uninstall that crap to start with. I believe you can reset your settings to the defaults using TCP Optimizer (which can be found on this site).

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    No, you don't understand! JDownloader's my download manager, I download stuff with it. If you install it, you'll see a box named "Max Con." which is short for max connections. That's the maximum number of connections the downloader will make to the server when fetching the file, AKA multi threaded download. If I leave that to 1 or 2, I get crappy speeds like usual but if I set it to 20, I get my full speed! HOWEVER, if during the day, I leave the max cons to 1 or 2, I WILL get my full speed! That's the bloody mystery here!

    The thing is, if I could setup my browser and other apps to make connections like that, it'd be awesome! Now, back to the original question-how can I get my full bandwidth at night?
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    No good can come out of using that download manager.... remove it. Also post a hijack this log and a few tests from along with a TCP analyzer report.

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