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Thread: we are suing you

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    we are suing you

    Got this email in my gmail account yesterday..."We are suing you"

    Had to do with uploading a virus attachment to an email.
    After a little googling, found out that google checks all attachments for virus' and will not send them.
    Searched mor for this header..."We are suing you", and found nothing. I think it is a scam???

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    Most likely a scam. Still, I'd check the sender, it is hard to judge just by your quote

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    WHO is suing? Google does not send such notices and cannot sue even if you did send a virus. The intentional sending of viruses is not a civil offense anyway, which is where lawsuits occur, in civil court. Criminal courts is where Internet crime is handled and there are no suits issued by DoJ or States Attorneys.
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    We have a big spam filtering appliance we built, and use to "clean" the e-mail for many of our clients. The quarantine is filling up with lots of e-mails with the subject line "We are going to sue you"...coming from many different domains..some fake, some real.

    It's a fairly new widespread spam e-mail that leads you to sites infested with malware if you click on them....

    You can see many other people are getting this same junk...
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    Nice, Thanks YOSC!

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