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    nagles algorithm

    I play MP FPS 8 to 12 hours a day, You might say I am a bit of an addict. I run Windows 7 X64 Ultimate and my Cox FIOS connection is over 52Mbit down and and 5.4 Up (1 Minute sustained test--they use to give me over 2MB up!!!). In the TCP Optimzer under Advanced Settings there is a sub setting called Gaming Tweak - Disable Nagle's Algorithm. The "Optimal Settings" have everything as N/A

    Phillip (forum Admin) said do not disable it under normal use. But normal use probably doesn't include heavy gamers like me! And I do have sporadic hit detection while plaing intense games like BC2 and worse problems in COD--despite the fact that I've optimized the settings on those games. So I wanted to know if I should pick "disable" on all the settings instead?

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    "Applications that expect real time responses can react poorly with Nagle's algorithm. Applications such as networked multiplayer video games expect that actions in the game are sent immediately."

    By disabling it, you'll actually have an advantage over those who have it enabled. Disabling it, should help your sporadic hit detection. Nagle's Algorithm was good for those who have dial up, but in the future where dial up is a thing of the past, you won't need to go through the problem of disabling it. I have mine disabled for about a year now and I haven't experienced any problems. In the end, it just lowers your ping. Lower ping, better gaming experience.

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