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Thread: Frustrated beyond the point of belief.

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    Frustrated beyond the point of belief.

    I have had Comcast High-Speed internet for the past decade or so, which I have enjoyed thoroughly. Until recently. For the past week or so, my wireless internet connection has been running dreadfully and frustratingly SLOW. I use my Xbox 360 to stream Netflix movies, and they barely work. I cannot stream videos on YouTube anymore either, unless I load them completely first. Websites are also loading EXTREMELY SLOWLY (it took me 10 minutes to register, activate and load this page).

    Any specs, tests, that you pros might need to do a diagnosis, let me know. I will get some results together. I am just extremely too frustrated to come up with anything on my own.

    Someone please help.

    Thanks, Sincerely,

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    G or N wireless?
    Is your wireless secured via WPA or WPA2?
    Any neighboring wireless networks that may be new and on the same channel as you? Try setting your router to channel 1 or 11..which are less commonly used and may give you better performance.
    Update firmware on your router
    Is your computer(s) free from malware?
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