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    i play mw3 alot, good game, well i am on cable, i have a problem, anytime more then 3 people are playing i warp and lag out this happened with 56k too,on my screen evrything is fine to evryone else i m skating and warping, i have replaced mb,cpu,ram,videocard,and soundcard. nothing seems to work. I have DL some of the patches for cable yet, nothings changed. Any suggestions would help. thx

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    Try and disable able any firewalls, apps running in the background. IE: mail or TSRs in the background. Also without knowing what Tweaks and hardware you've got on board. I can't say where the problem clearly lies.

    If Win98, Start then Run MSCONFIG
    make a backup of what you have before you make changes. I'm at work and have NT and I can't recall what exactly your going to see.

    The MSCONFIG has options that may help a little. Thinking about the warp and Lag issues you've addressed makes me think your video resoultion might be pretty high. Try 800x600 or less.

    What kind of Ping do you get to your IP and game sever before you start playing? Do you share your Cable with others on a Network?

    Since this problem existed with the 56K I'd think you migh have left some modem tweaks when you moved to Cable. Look at " Internet Boost " Apps that may take the lag out of your system.

    A fresh install of you win OS is not out of the question.


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