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Thread: Internet connection, modem, speed, ISP problems. All-in-one.

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    Internet connection, modem, speed, ISP problems. All-in-one.

    I've searched countless forums for answer to the many problems I seem to be having. Most of these forums have very nice tips and advice to resolve some of my problems, but sadly, none of them work. So I decided to pick a forum and post my problem to see if anyone had any suggestions as to what I could do to at least make it better.

    First off I spend most of my time in Mexico, pretty much live here. So my ISP is one of the whopping TWO ISP's this city has, and forums don't have pretty things to say about either of them, and I cant blame them.
    Here's a full report with comp specs, etc. taken from CPU-Z. File is 100% safe, it's just a .txt file that's located in my public Dropbox( just in case you dk what DB is) here's the long link just in case you don't trust the shortened version. My computer is close to 3 1/2 maybe 4 years old, but it still works 100% okay.

    So my problem started two months ago. I used to have a 5mbps connection, it worked fine, besides the fact that every single week I would lose internet for half an hour, then it'd go back to normal. I immediately thought that this might be because my connection was a bit lacking, even though it seemed to work okay. I called my ISP anyway to ask if they had faster internet, they said they did, 10 mbps; the only condition to have this service however was to sign up for a phone line. I agreed to do this, because I already have a phone line, so I figured I just didn't have to use this line at all, I'd still pay for it though because it didn't seem like that much more. The technician came over a week later to upgrade my connection; he installed this "Arris Telephony Modem" alongside this TP-LINK Wireless router.

    My first impression of the connection was "WOW this really IS faster, totally glad I upgraded", after a week or so, my impression changed. I started noticing MASSIVE ms climbs and lag within WoW and other MMOs in particular, websites loaded ONLY after either pressing F5 multiple times or actually clicking on the address bar and pressing Enter again and my Internet connection stopped completely for 2 seconds, and then came back. My connection was off and on so much that I began to think I'd have a faster connection with dial-up. When I started noticing these problems, I of course knew it was my connection, I began calling my ISP almost daily to report my problems only for them to tell me that nothing seemed wrong with it. I accepted these answers and tried to move on, only playing games after midnight (no lag or ms climb at all during really late times) and making pressing F5 a habit.

    I started my very own account, just so I could see how bad my speed REALLY was. I mostly made tests after I'd gotten disconnected from my game because of massive ms and lag, or when websites took extremely long times to load. Now, I was under the impression that an internet connection is not supposed to be 100% "constant" but at least be within the speed limits of my connection, I also knew that I'd NEVER get exactly 10mbps but anything close would have made me happy. Here is my Speedtest page. The lowest I've hit is .19mbps and even if I just turn on my computer and go to and take a speed test it's very rarely above 6mbps. Actually right now, as I'm writing this I just lost internet for the 3rd time since I started typing.

    After reading the manual for the TP-LINK router and seeing what the lights within it meant, I found out that if the light under the # you have the cable connected to is rapidly flashing, then that means you're successfully connected to the internet and just fine. While playing games, I noticed when I had these huge lag spikes and ms climbs which came after my game locking up for 20 seconds straight, that light under the # stopped flashing completely. After 10-30 seconds the light would start flashing again, although it wasn't flashing rapidly at all but very slowly, which meant I was connected to the internet, but my connection wasn't very stable.

    So I decided to just completely unplug the router and put it away because after all the Wireless was just there for my iPod, Laptops, PS3, etc. and it seemed like it was the router causing the lag between the connection, so I really wasn't too worried. My modem now had a direct connection to my computer because I'd removed the router, and even the stupid phone line that was attached to it, it was literally devoid of any interference whatsoever. After I did this, my connection seemed to fix itself. My games would not lag at all, browsing was completely fine, my speedtests were super close to 10mbps (those are the ones where you see the connection at 9+, which I haven't seen again) and I was happy. Two weeks ago however my connection went back into the trash can; I started lagging again, browsing was super slow and I was back to wanting to punch my modem every time I'd get disconnected, or a webpage wouldn't load at all. So I went back to browsing forums and calling my ISP only to be told nothing was wrong at all.

    Having this problem made me question my computer as well, because a technician actually came out here to see what was wrong. He didn't find anything wrong with the wiring, nor with the modem or my computer, he did however do many speedtests that confirmed my claims. He couldn't do anything to fix it "I really have no idea what's wrong, a Supervisor will come over and check because I don't know what to do". I started looking at my Network Adapters, my Firewall, etc. and the only thing that seemed suspicious to me was that my Internet connection literally JUMPS AROUND every single network adapter I have(had, bc I deleted some) mainly the iPv6 compatible ones. I don't have an iPv6 connection, or at least I think I don't because according to what I've read only big businesses and stuff have that connection, and most home users have an iPv4 connection. Seeing the Norton logs (yes I have Norton Internet Security), in the space of 5 minutes my connection jumped from "Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection" to "Software Loopback Interface 1" to "Intel(R) PRO/VE Connection" to "Microsoft 6to4 Adapter" to just "Connected to a protected network. (00 01 5C 39 A8 CC)" then again to "Connected to a protected network. ( then it stopped at "Microsoft 6to4 Adapter" the IP address for this was something really weird with :: :: :: instead of dots which I'm guessing is the IP format for iPv6 connections?

    I wondered what all these adapters were because when I opened my Device Manager I only saw the Intel Network Adapter, but after googling the other adapters I clicked "View Hidden Devices" and there they were. I had a total of 13 Network Adapters, all in working order with no yellow ! next to them. They were:
    6to4 Adapter
    6to4 Adapter (yep two)
    isatap.ISP.etc (can't really remember what it said, but everyone has that one as well
    Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection
    Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface (which is another adapter my connection jumps to as well)
    RAS Async Adapter
    WAN Miniport (IP)
    WAN Miniport (IPV6)
    WAN Miniport (L2TP)
    WAN Miniport (Network Monitor)
    WAN Miniport (PPPOE)
    WAN Miniport (PPTP)
    WAN Miniport (SSTP)
    The bold ones are the iPv6 Adapters that everyone has but NEVER use, or at least aren't supposed to with an iPv4 connection. I deleted all of the bold ones, and even though the RAS Adapter is an iPv6 one as well I can't delete it; I have no idea what the WAN Miniport Adapters are, but my connection doesn't seem to jump to those at all, so I just let them be. This seemed to fix it somewhat but not entirely, I still get huge lag spikes and ms climbs, and websites take ages to load.

    Now this might seem pretty stupid to you all but I really only care to have good internet for World of Warcraft, and other free MMOs that I play in my spare time. I raid, have too many alts, etc and having a bad connection is not very beneficial, although it hasn't really affected my raiding much because I raid after midnight (when my connection seems fine). I first thought this might be a Blizzard problem, and I actually put in the ticket through but after running countless tracerts during my ms climbs within the game I became very confused. Sometimes it seemed to be a slow, packet losing, connection before it even left my house; other times I had huge packet loss and ms climbs midway to the WoW servers, and other times the ms would be huge when it got to the servers. In short, Blizzard couldn't find out what was wrong either and just decided to blame my ISP. Keep in mind that I am ~4 hours away from the actual Server datacenters, I'm sure there's people in Hawaii that don't lag as much as I do.

    I really don't have any more information to give. If you have questions regarding anything I posted please ask away, if you need more info, ask away as well. If you're reading this, thanks! and sorry for the wall of text.


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    I'd try the TCP Optimizer, the Gaming settings in the advanced tab may be of interest. That would at least assure that your end of the connection works fine.

    If the problem is hardware related on your end (modem/router/cabling), it is usually persistent and does not fluctuate as much... I'd still increase the distance between your modem and router (at least a couple of feet) and move them away from power supplies and other possible sources of EMI.

    Ultimately, it is likely that it is a problem with the feed from your ISP.

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    So I decided to just completely unplug the router and put it away because...
    I don't have a Wireless Router anymore, I just completely unplugged it and put it away because it was very aggravating to ALWAYS see those damned lights barely flashing. The modem has been replaced twice by the ISP, although like you mentioned it probably IS an ISP issue. I just always try to think its something else because the ISP options here are very limited.

    I tried the TCP Optimizer you suggested but I still haven't tried to play WoW. Hopefully that relieves the problem. Any other suggestions, hypothesis are greatly appreciated.


    Edit: Omg I'm just doing constant Speedtests right now after trying the TCP Optimizer & the Vista TCP/IP patch and the lowest I've gotten is 8.20mbps. Keep in mid that only two days ago if I did one speedtest after the other the mbps were all over the place and NEVER constant. This is 100% a first for me, idk which of the two did it but I REALLY hope it did the trick. Thank you very much!
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    Never mind its back to being horrible. Ty for the help though.

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