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Thread: What kind of mouse do you use to game?

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    Logitech G5 is a good one.

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    Currently Zowie ZA13 ( 800dpi / 1000Hz / 1920x1080 )

    "A better DPI is a requirement"

    DPI is not a requirement, its only marketing requirement

    Most Pro Gamer use 400/800DPI. You will need more DPI when you play on 4k/8k Resolutions, but 4k will affect your FPS and Smoothness especially on FPS Games.

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    I use Logitech G502 Lightspeed. It is the best mouse that I have used so far.

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    Since this has been necro-bumped a few times I may as well reply I still like good brand wireless mice, they seem to be good enough for occasional gaming and I am so used to wireless that I can't stand the cords. More than 5-6 buttons just seem to get in the way for me too. On a regular basis I only use back/forward thumb buttons, the mouse wheel and left/right clicks.

    I mostly use this mouse for PC, I have a couple but they're getting old: Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2 0
    My second choice, a bit smaller but great for laptop, my daughter uses one too: Logitech Marathon M795

    For mouse pad I use a FUNC Surface 1030 (rough surface version), it's a hard plastic pad, they were very popular about 10 years ago and last forever, but getting hard to find these days.
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    I`m using SteelSeries Sensei Ten. My favourite mouse at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanWalker77 View Post
    I really like the Logitech g502 hero, reply to me about your personal favorite mouse
    I have the same mouse, but the wired version. My girlfriend has the bluetooth wireless one, but ends up using it wired because it runs out of battery too quickly.

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    Corsair Katar Pro XT, the best for me now

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