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Thread: Firewall hardware for Wide Area Network project I'm going to build, with Untangle

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    Firewall hardware for Wide Area Network project I'm going to build, with Untangle

    Got another delivery in from UntangleAppliances yesterday....for a WAN...I'm replacing existing Linksys/Cisco RV0 series routers which are currently doing a site to site IPSec tunnel.
    1x NG-100 for central office
    4x NG-25 for satellite offices

    They run a UTM *nix distro called Untangle. Which provides some good antivirus scanning (Kaspersky and Clam), some anti spyware protection, excellent QoS/bandwidth control for a VoIP system, content filtering, reporting, etc etc. When I setup these firewalls at clients, I see a HUUUUGE reduction of malware issues on their PCs. Site to site tunnels are done using OpenVPN....very rock solid VPN tunnels.

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    Can I have the old equipment?

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    I'm going to report you to a mod for posting this in the wrong forum Brian

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