hello everyone

i am new here. my cousin won't help me coz i don't wanna give him my lappy password. so i turned to this site so i hope u guys could help

started last night. i tried to connect to our Lan. kinda worked. but not. coz i was connected to a network named unidentified network and it has no internet access. even tho our lan had access i couldn't use the internet! i dunno why! i am so saddened by this.

by the way if this would help i have 3 ways of connecting to the internet. i use a modem with which i pay 20php per hour on (it's globe tattoo), i use a neighbor's wifi (it is consensual :P ), and i use our Lan!

wifi is out, modem is expensive to use, so now i am trying to use our lan. but i can't!

also, if u must know, i am also connected to another neighbor'swifi (this time without consent) i dunno how but even though i am connected to their wifi, there is limited access so i have never enjoyed that wifi

anyway, i hope u guys can help. i want to remove that "unidentified network" so i can use our lan!