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    Open DNS

    Any of you guys use open DNS on your router?
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    haven't had to in a long time.. no issues at the moment.

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    i use it on my router

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    I used to but it caused some issues for me so I stopped using it last year and according to DNS Bench, my ISP's servers are faster so I just use those.
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    I've used them for years....and all the setups I do I also use them. Even my business network clients...where I have active directory (servers)...I set their DNS to forward to OpenDNS.

    Peoples experiences far as performance. For some people, OpenDNS is slower than their ISPs. For's faster. However...the main reason I use OpenDNS is the fact that their servers filter out known malware distribution sites, via a continuously updated list. Your computer cannot download/install malware from sites that it cannot resolve! OpenDNS blocks those sites. So it adds another layer of protection for you. It helps cut down on malware infections.

    There are many other "safe DNS services" out there besides OpenDNS, such as Comodo DNS, Symantec DNS, clearcloud, amongst others.
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    Iíve been using Google public DNS on my PC for a long time with no problem.
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    I do, even have the opendns sticker on my car and router

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