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Thread: VPN Issue: Can't ping remote LAN

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    VPN Issue: Can't ping remote LAN


    I have a VPN issue which is I can't ping my remote LAN.
    I have to setup an site-to-site VPN from my office to another office. From my office i'm using Sonicwall NSA and the other office using Cisco ASA.
    From my office (SonicWall NSA), I'm setting my public IP to and my internal network with subnet mask At the other office (Cisco ASA), Public IP is and the internal network is
    The issue is:-
    - I can ping LAN default gateway ( in SonicWall from Cisco ASA internal network, but i can't ping the internal network in SonicWall which is ( or
    - From Sonicwall, I can't even ping cisco LAN default gateway ( and even the internal network

    Please help me, I totally have no idea to solve this issue. This issue even reach 2 months not being solved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_k View Post
    At the other office (Cisco ASA), Public IP is and the internal network is
    Can you describe this location more, and why you have a 32 bit there?
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