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Thread: 20mbps Cable speed slower than 5mbps DSL speed??

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    20mbps Cable speed slower than 5mbps DSL speed??

    I recently got cable internet that goes up to 20Mbps in download speed. I even went to an internet testing site to test the speed and got back a result of 17Mbps.

    Anyway, when I download a file, it's only downloading at 200KB/sec, and that's right after I tested the connection speed of 17Mbps. When I had DSL at 5Mbps, it went about 600KB/sec (which makes sense), now that I have this cable internet that's faster, the download speed is slower!?

    So, that's when I used the TCP optimizer by recommendation of a user from another website because I had Windows XP operating system. I made the tweaks and still have the same speed!? I also tried switching out the modem and got the same result...!? Is there something I'm missing here?

    Thanks to anyone in advance!

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    Post your TCP Analyzer report.

    Where are you located?
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    The TCP Optimizer won't do but so much...its a form of "Tweak" not a miracle silver bullet to triple your connection speeds. But yeah post the report trogers asked for and just curious where are you downloading from to test the speeds or is this on a speedtest site like

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    I work for a telephone/ISP provider and this happens frequently in our industry. To answer your question, this is common.

    DSL is internet to a specific location. You will never be sharing your bandwidth with any other user unless you do so by wireless router, etc. DSL is internet just to you.

    Cable is "internet to the block." Varying speeds are commonplace depending upon how many other users in your area are on the cable at any given moment and what they are doing with the internet (surfing, downloading music, etc.). Cable speeds vary significantly because of the "shared" bandwidth nature of the product.

    Hope this helps.

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    This actually happens a lot where cable is concerned.

    DSL is internet connection to a specific location that is not shared. Your connection speed is yours alone.

    Cable is "internet to the block." Speeds can vary greatly depending on how many users are active in your area and the reason they are using the internet connection (surfing, downloading movies, etc.). Cable internet is a shared service, dependent upon other users to "share" as well.

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    To see if it as Pathwayz suggested, try downloading at a non-peak time-- 3 or 4 am, when almost everyone else is sleeping, usually has the lightest system load.

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