Hi Everyone,

Long time no see ... =)

Hoping you guys can help me out with some advice on a couple of issues I've been having working from home.

Currently work from home full time and have been having issues with our speeds fluctuating, along with permission errors on the companies end when I connect to the network via a company laptop, thru Cisco VPN Client. The companies end is another story, short and sweet, the IT guy that takes care of my department doesn't seem to like me at all, everyone on my team sees how he is with me and don't know why but that's the way it is. He even sets my stuff up different then everyone elses and I never do anything personal on the work computer as others do, only work things.

I've worked for this company for 3 years but only since December have worked full time at home. What I find strange is before they gave me the company laptop and I connected thru Cisco and remote desktop to a PC tower in the office I didn't have any issues, even with my speeds fluctuating and we had a lower package then. The speeds don't fluctuate all the time, seems to be certain times during the day, every day now use to be only sometimes and feel pretty sure it is interference, even our provider sees the interference but can't find what it is. Since getting to work from home full time we've upped the package to the top package.

1st package we had was for 3Mbps down

Package we have now 7Mbps down

Only have 2 options for internet, we are in a remote area. Option 1 which we have Wave Direct which is Cogeco Cable and we receive our signal thru a satellite dish from their Tower. Other option Bell.ca 2MB very limited usage. I send data back and forth to work all day, work in Excel a lot with formulas pulling data to reports from other excel workbooks, open a lot of PDF's in a day. So it's very important I have the best I can have on my end for the integrity of the data I'm working on.

Here is the 2nd part of my issue now. Since getting the laptop, I have problems connecting to the Network drive, the error usually tells me it is not available or I don't have permission. When I put a ticket into to IT Tech Ops, he always sends me the same link, run this (it remaps the drives) it will work and it does lol but I don't understand why I'm the only one that has to do this, there are 3 others on our team that work from company laptops remotely and they never have issue. Other issues I have now, Excel and the drive folders for no reason will say Not responding. When I see this I run a speed test and my speeds are fine. Thru email while having these issues the Tech ops guy just keeps telling my manager that it is my end, my speeds fluctuate yet he never said anything when I had the remote desktop, vpn tower at work and slower speeds (my manager is copied on the email) and when I ask this guy questions of what I need on my end he never answers my questions. So all this is tough it makes my job harder than it needs to be but this guy doesn't seem to want to help at all.

Trying to keep it short and make sure you have the info needed to have a look. Please let me know where to start to try to figure this out?