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    Personal Website Options


    I used to get 10MB broadband but have downgraded to 1 MB with charter and they don't offer a free website with this any more. Do any of you know of a good web hosting service that doesn't cost too much, like maybe $10 a year or so? I hope to get one without advertisements. Thank you.

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    I like Hostgator. I dont know about 10 dollars a year though.
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    We use one of the original big companies....rackspace/rackspacecloud
    Their prices are decent (yes there are cheaper ones out there)...but their support is good, and they're one of the big original companies that aren't going anywhere.
    Many of the ultra cheap ones...poor/non-existent support, and who knows how long they'll be around..many are "fly by night" and just packup and disappear.
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    most ISP's give you a free amount of space... if you are going to use alot of bandwidth and space you may look for a shared host.

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