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Thread: Patch cables or Crossover cables

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    Question Patch cables or Crossover cables

    I am going to add Ethernet to the second floor in my house. Before i run all the cables through the wall and eventually through the ceiling, i want to make sure i get this right the first time .

    I recently discovered CAT 6 cables and, along with that, Patch and Crossover cable types. If i was going to run a cable from my router ,through the ceiling, and into my room, then, from there have a gigabit switch so i can connect mulitple PCs, what cables should i use? I read somewhere that it it doesn't matter because usually all devices switch over automatically. I'm just a little confused and little clarification would help me very much

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    Standard patch cable.
    Crossover cables are pretty much extinct with the gigabit standard, all devices (including gigabit NICs) are auto MDI-X. Meaning the switch port, and NIC, will auto crossover itself.
    Even 100 meg devices of recent years have mostly moved to auto MDI-X on the ports.

    All you need is an MDI-X device on one don't need it on both ends, just one end...and it will figure it out for you.
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    Oh ok, thats what i though because ive never had an Ethernet cable not work on me for any reason. Thanks for your help.

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