I would like to ask for help opening a port because I always get NAT error for Azureus/Vuze. Whenever I do a NAT/Firewall test, it always says "Connection Timed out". I don't understand what's wrong. I use the basic Windows Firewall, but I already set Vuze to be an exception and already added the port which I chose for Vuze to use for both TCP and UDP. I'm not sure if that's how to "open"/"forward" a port.

I'm using a portable 3G modem, which utilizes a mobile network for connecting to the internet, and is connected to the computer via USB, and you need to "connect" it to gain internet access (it doesn't automatically connect once the USB is inserted) so it's like a dial-up but it's a Broadband Wireless connection. And I already tried to establish a static IP, but I'm not sure whether it's possible with the modem I'm using (could I establish a static IP with a portable modem?).

Aside from knowing how to open a port, I also want to know if utilizing dynamic IP makes it futile to open and/or forward a port. Because I already had a green smiley a while ago in Vuze (but just one green smiley, and two other yellow ones) but after a while it turned back to yellow. I wonder if it's because I have a dynamic IP or what.

P.S.: Is there any difference with opening a port and forwarding it?