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Thread: Satellite Internet and ping

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    Post Satellite Internet and ping

    The only High-speed internet available to me right now, is Satellite internet. I need to know what kindof pings I will get, especially in counter-strike. Please, if you have any hard numbers, tell me

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    I will be getting it this Sunday hopefully. I met someone last night who I think said they had it on CS, and they had a decent ping of about a steady 140. I'll come back here and tell you what my ping is, and maybe some other stuff once I get the satellite.

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    i doubt your ping will be near 140, im guessing around 500 .. and thats at the lowest.. i mean the data has to travel to the sattelite.. and back. right ? so that i think would be at least 500 ms..

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    I doubt your ping will be that great. If you have a one way satilight (download from satilight/ upload from a 56k modem) your ping will be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY high. If you have a 2 way satilight, it might be under 300.

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    I've done some file transfer / ping testing from Sat terminal to Sat terminal via Hyper terminal, Explorer 4.0 & Concentric Network as an IP. I believe the IP was local and not extend to the POP used for the test.

    File transfers rates of 128,256,384 512 and 1.544Mb were used with files ranging from 10 bytes to 10Meg. TCP/IP and IPX were both used. TCP/IP gave better throughput results.

    The sweat spot for video teleconferencing was 384. Files <100k worked best on all data rates tested. >384 data rates did not improve download throughput.

    The best Ping your ever going to get with a Geo synchronous / stationary bird is 250ms. Then you add in the IP lag from your POP to your gaming server plus network cards if any. If your bent on playing over a Sat connection make sure your provider uses LEOs and your ping will be less.

    LEO = 100 - 400 miles up
    GEO sync bird = 22,000 miles up (Approx.)
    Distance = Time & More Distance = Longer Pings

    Sorry I've no tweaks for you, or any exact throughputs. This testing was done over a 3-month period in the summer of 97 and I donít have the data on hand. I expect the 56K-modem users to have the advantage in your setup.


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