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Thread: No internet access!!!

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    No internet access!!!

    We have home network setup, this desktop is wired to our Linksy's N series router, one desktop is wirelessly connected along with a laptop but not all at the same time switched on. Bandwith is no issue here but the random disconnection is awfully annoying. We call our local ISP (PLDT, Philippines) provider of the situation & we get instructions on how to remedy the problem; "Disable lan connection on PC & turn off modem & router for 5 minutes and start it right back", like a "reset" & it works. The annoying part is, it happens a lot, say 2-3 times every hour. What could be wrong? Any (line went dead again just now) solution is greatly appreciated.

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    Are the disconnections at the modem or the router?

    If modem, problem may be along the line, or the modem is being placed near to some other electrical device such as speaker, phone set or the router.
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