I am an amateur when it comes to routers and networking so please bear with me. I currently have an Actiontec MI424WR (FIOS supplied) as my home base which is fine as a home base signal but not strong enough to reach the family room's entertainment system. I've run an ethernet cable to that room where four hookups are needed.The cable terminates in a spitter which then feeds the entertainment system (including Apple TV) and a Apple Express to augment the weak wireless signal. Trouble is that the Express's signal doesn't work consistently. I've heard that the Express cannot be used in that fashion. If so, then I ought to have a new router at the family room, no? (Incidentally, I'm not adverse to chucking the Actiontec and starting afresh with two routers that like one another.) So could you please provide me with the best solution and how to hook it up? Know that I need help with LAN, WAN, etc. info. since I'm such an neophyte. Please. Actiontec says call Verizon and Verizon is on strike and won't take support calls!!!

doncant (literally)