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Thread: Anyone playing World of Tanks ?

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    Thumbs up Anyone playing World of Tanks ?

    Awesome game, free download.

    I have Hetzer Tank Destroyer, Hummel SPGs, Tier 1 - 7 tanks, already researched Tier 8 Tiger II but still missing approx 300 000 credits and 60 000xp for upgrades, hate the stock ones.

    Really don't like ( to fight against due it's power and higher Tier) Churchill, IS-4, KV-4+ tanks and Tier 7+ anti tanks. Artillery is something you try to avoid due it's massive damage. Sherman tanks are fast and really hard to fight even if you are higher Tier due it's awesome camo and speed.
    The VK3601 is medium but great tank.

    Check it out, they are adding more tanks every patch.
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    Around 2 or so months ago I gave it a try for an hour or so. Seemed neat.
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