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Thread: connecting Cisco CP-7971G VoIP phone with cablevision in house

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    Exclamation connecting Cisco CP-7971G VoIP phone with cablevision in house

    Hello, i`m REALLY REALLY new to networking and i would like to purchase a Cisco ip phone but don't know where to begin. i do have cablevision service but do not know if i have Voip as part of my plan. another problem i have is lack of ethernet ports in my house. is there a wireless option? If possible could you tell me how i could it get it up and running

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    First thing's first- I'm going to assume you're referring to the Cablevision within the tri-state area (New York / New Jersey / Connecticut); if so then you should have Optimum Online, which is their internet service.. unless you have a business account with them of some sort?

    What type of bundle do you have with these guys? If it's the triple play then yeah, you have their Optimum Voice service too, which is VoIP. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase a VoIP package from either CV or 3rd party (e.g. Vonage, etc.).

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    Hello Road Runner, I have a question. I'm trying to connect to the access point, how do I check to see if I even have a wireless nic card? I have 2 adapters, one is the 1394 net adapter and the other is my local area connection. I'm not seeing any wireless connections in my networks, Thanks,

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