Thank you SO MUCH for all your information. I have spent MANY, MANY, MANY MONTHS(!!!) trying to get a 48K audio stream via wmplayer.exe to stop being so choppy (apx. every 10sec it would drop out for 1-2sec). I GOT NOWHERE asking for it to go back to 32K (like last year) when the audio was perfect.

Although I haven't been able to verify it yet (the stream is active but no voice
until a race occurs), using your Speed Test Results I can see a BIG increase in
downloads (+32%), a small increase in uploads (+8%), and a BIG drop in latency

I downloaded your TCP Optimizer, and, although I did NOT use it to make the following changes, it and all your doc (and MANY searches) helped me to understand what to try.

BOTTOM LINE: I changed the following in the Registry via regedt32.exe and re-IPL'd:
1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile
changed SystemResponsiveness from 20 to 5
added NetworkThrottlingIndex=0xFFFFFFFF
2. HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows
added: Psched
NonBestEffortLimit = 5 (from assumed default 20% to 5%)

The stream is always active, so, using IE>wmplayer.exe, statistics, I see:
experience content best
network or internet connection
46.5K (was always around 38K; apx 20%) <<<=====
content being received at

Not sure which actually helped, but I assume #2 (Psched) was the key.
Also had to use '' to determine the registry info since
I do not have gpedit.msc and trying to use MS's spreadsheet was a JOKE as spreadsheets and mainframe system programmers don't usually get along very well!