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Thread: ADSL2+ Sync Issues

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    ADSL2+ Sync Issues

    Alrighty so here we go.

    I have ADSL2+ Redline from GWI here in Maine. It's a fantastic local company that provides a really great deal for a low rate of $56 a month. I was synced up at 19.45 mbps down and .85 up (upload is horrendous but meh). Over the last week I've dropped sync every 20 - 25 minutes! Outta nowhere really. Any ideas what I can do on MY side? I've called the provider several times and they were... for a lack of a better word - ignorant. The level 1 techs had no clue what was going on. I had a tier 2 tech finally get back to me after about a week and say that my cabling had to be messed up. Don't think that's the problem.. I have about 55' of CAT5 directly from NID to telephone jack. Nothing else on this cable, and it's not staple gunned to anything near other wiring (about 10 inches at the closest point to any other cabling). The wire is clear and clean of damage, which I double checked.

    Right now they say I'm synced at 9.5 mbps, but I highly doubt that since I had to disable ADSL2+ on my modem and drop down to ADSL.

    Correct Annex provisions are enabled and everything is just how it should be. Any suggestions as to what could be the issue? I really want to stay local and not shell money out of the state by subscribing to TWC again.

    Thanks so much!

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    Not jumping to conclusions, but there could be EM interference near the cabling you've ran between the NID and your modem / PC-- perhaps from internal electric lines you may have overlooked? But, aside from that- do you have ANOTHER (shorter) ethernet cable (CAT5 or up) you can run between the NID and the modem (and perhaps a laptop to do direct testing at the NID)?

    I'm not much of the ADSL2+ expert, but if go ahead and try the method I posted above, this would rule out any factor that it is indeed YOUR cabling- it's basically your trial and error series for troubleshooting. The signal and sync levels may look different if you call the GWI again for support.

    Or you can escalate the issue with GWI to have them send a tech out to your home to investigate the issue. They should have a laptop handy with all their tools needed to find out if the issue is within your home, or their problem.

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