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Thread: Globe Wi Max optimization in the Philippines

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    Globe Wi Max optimization in the Philippines

    Hello I'm trying to optimize my Wi Max operation and have been able to get some things working better. Still have a long way to go as my average speed on a good day is maybe 4-5Kbs. Of course the promise is up to 1Mbs. Using Speedtest .net. I used the optimizer and ran many tests. This site is great and i've learned a lot. I now have admin rights to my modem and can tweak things there. All my test numbers are all over the place and i don't know which thing is limiting what. XP Pro SP3, Huawei BM622i Modem supplied by Globe. I have 100 % signal, and mostly 100% link. That's a miracle in itself.

    The first thing that needs to be figured out is my trace test. Odd and i tried it on two similar laptops. I reset the modem and at least got the second hop for a while. Now back to this. Numbers are usually the same.

    Pinging [] with 32 bytes ->
    1 21ms 21ms 21ms
    Request Timed Out
    3 87ms 89ms 99ms
    4 123ms 129ms 119ms
    5 124ms 130ms 119ms
    Request Timed Out
    7 221ms 129ms 119ms
    8 125ms 129ms 130ms
    Request Timed Out
    10 237ms 158ms 154ms
    11 149ms 159ms 134ms
    12 168ms 154ms 148ms
    13 149ms 158ms 150ms
    14 179ms 159ms 169ms
    15 184ms 190ms 183ms
    16 369ms 188ms 179ms
    17 178ms 189ms 179ms
    18 519ms 314ms 340ms
    19 472ms 359ms 384ms
    20 329ms 329ms 344ms
    21 384ms 330ms 339ms
    22 363ms 329ms 329ms
    23 394ms 324ms 344ms
    24 359ms 333ms 365ms
    25 368ms 369ms 373ms
    26 473ms 400ms 390ms
    27 493ms 399ms 400ms
    28 379ms 424ms 384ms
    29 398ms 394ms 395ms
    30 539ms 399ms 389ms
    Traceroute complete: Destination is 30 hops away


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