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Thread: wireless to wireless??

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    wireless to wireless??

    Hers my situation. I have my router upstairs and cannot run a wire downstairs where I need a line for my directv. Is there something I can get to connect the router to some device, giving me a wired connection downstairs??

    Make sense??

    Thanks in advance.

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    powerline adapters (ethernet over existing electrical wiring)
    moca adapters (ethernet over existing coax wiring)
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    Or Trendnet TEW 654TR
    It can serve as an access point picking up the wireless signal from your router. It has an ethernet port at the back to add network devices. I have used it successfuly in hotels that supply wireless internet. After establishing a connection to the desired SSID, I then connected my VoIP adapter to the Trendnet device, plugged the hotel phone into the VoIP adapter and I had my own phone setup for the duration of my stay. Worked like a charm
    The Trendnet device can be used 3 ways. It can connect directly to a modem and act as a wireless router for a small area. Or, if a router already exists, it can connect to it by wire and serve as a wireless repeater. Alternatively, it can connect wirelessly to the wireless router and allow a network device to connect to it by ethernet.
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