i know that you are probably thinking that what's wrong~ but i get that from test but when actual DL files i can now only get 30KB/s then it goes down to 20KB/s then will spike again back again or maintain it at low speeds 30KB/s or slower ~ but before i could get 175KB/s constant sure it goes down but not to 20 ~ more like 160 then back right up~ all im basically saying my connection is not stable ~ sometimes when loading webpages some images don't load ~ and before when i DL from mediafire and using a DL manager i get constant speed 350KB/s

so i just need help to optimize my internet connection cause the 100+KB/s goes to waste (and money) pls. pls help~

internet connection: PLDT DSL
modem: Zyxel p600 series
no routers ~ for home use
(i recently formatted my pc so the before i was talking about was back then)
OS: windows xp sp3

and i contacted my internet provider and they said that there is no problem in our place so it's not that either.
pls help

SpeedGuide.net TCP Analyzer Results
Tested on: 04.06.2011 02:43
IP address: 112.202.xxx.xxx
Client OS: Windows XP

TCP options string: 020405b401010402
MSS: 1460
MTU: 1500
TCP Window: 10164 (NOT multiple of MSS)
RWIN Scaling: 0 bits
Unscaled RWIN : 10164
Recommended RWINs: 64240, 128480, 256960, 513920, 1027840
BDP limit (200ms): 407kbps (51KBytes/s)
BDP limit (500ms): 163kbps (20KBytes/s)
MTU Discovery: ON
TTL: 114
Timestamps: OFF
IP ToS: 00000000 (0)