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Thread: Wireless LAN connection very slow using D-Link DWA-525 adaptor

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    Question Wireless LAN connection very slow using D-Link DWA-525 adaptor

    I have a 64 bit vista pc connecting to an 802.11g wireless router using a dwa-525 card. Ping -t to router is fast (~3ms), but as soon as I browse to a url, the ping time deteriorates to ~2 sec and even times out. Something is throttling my wireless connection to this pc - I have other computers connected to the same router with no problems. Anyone have an idea of how to find out what is causing this? Is there a problem connecting to an 802.11g router with a newer 802.11n adaptor? Thks.

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    If you've fixed this problem could you tell me how you did it? I have the same adapter and the same problem, my connection reads good on my computer but according to my router I'm only getting 13mbps.

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    Try re-installing your drivers in safe mode "press F8" during booting. Also make sure all the wireless settings are the same as your router, such as wireless encryption and make sure you set your router/modem to AES not TKIP because TKIP only supports 54mbps while AES goes up to 300mbps.

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