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Thread: Setup and sharing of DSL to Members wirelessly

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    I currently run a wireless Hotspot from my internet cafe and have local members who live within a 5 km radius of my shop. Rather than having them come to the shop they want to be able to access their account wirelessly from home. My current setup is I have a Cabled Network of clients using a switch and a Netgear Modem Router as well as Antamedia cafe software to access the internet. This traffic is passed through two NIC Cards setup in the Main Computer with the Hotspot and Cafe software. I also have a wireless router in the roof attached to a 24db High Gain Antenna and 4w Amplifier. I can connect using a laptop with a 10 x broadband Amplifier and a 16db antenna from approx. 2.5 km away with some pretty good speeds achievable, however. i have a member who lives approx 500mts away and unless he is outside he can barely receive the signal yet alone access the internet. I can also pickup the wireless signal using the same laptop and antenna from outside my home approx. 3.5 to 4.0km away but cannot connect to the internet or the network.
    Can someone tell me what other equipment I need to achieve this? Can I setup a router in my home attached to a High Gain antenna to access my wireless Network and broadcast the signal to members who live nearby so they can also login to their accounts?


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    I've used this place a few times for some wireless setups I've done that require some outdoor or extra high range gear
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