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Thread: Chrome 10 thoughts

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    Chrome 10 thoughts

    It's fast. LOL

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    Been running version 11.x.x.x dev
    very fast
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    Ya I'm running 11 as well and it is fast, but I'm much happier with FF4.

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    Love it....
    Sandbox feature....huge advantage over other browsers
    AdBlock Plus add-on....check!

    Only thing I have an issue with on it, is when managing Untangle firewalls....for some reason it's very pokey in Chrome....yet fast in FF and IE. Some mixture of Ajax 'n java.
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    Every release gets better and faster, lovin' 10. I have to say that Chrome constantly improves where sometimes programs regress, not the case with Chrome. I agree with YOSC, AdBlock Plus is a must ChromeBlock and Ghostery are also must haves.

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