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Thread: Switching out DOCSIS cable modems

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    Switching out DOCSIS cable modems

    What's the process for swapping a leased modem with a personal DOCSIS modem? I've been leasing a DOCSIS 2.0 modem and I was told that if I ever purchased my own I could return the unit to drop the leasing fee, but would my new modem be plug n play or do I have to make calls to their tech support when installing?

    I haven't bought my own yet, but I have a good understanding of what I want. The modem should pay for itself after a year.

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    You would just have to call them and give them the MAC address to setup to your account and that's it..pretty quick and simple. I've got a Surfboard 6120 DOCSIS 3.0, it's backwards compatible to 2.0 and should lock you in for any future upgrades. I think it's usable on many cable networks.

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    It's very painless, I've done it many times with quite a few different ISPs.
    Call their support, tell them you have your own modem...they'll ask you for its MAC address (so have that handy and/or nearby before you call)...they'll upload a config file to it (a step called provisioning the modem)...the modem will then reboot...and's online. Power cycle your router next....and you're all set.
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