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Thread: Malwarebytes Wants You!--Calling all programmers

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    Malwarebytes Wants You!--Calling all programmers

    "Eye of the Tiger" plays whenever you sit down at your computer. (We would also have accepted the finale from Beethoven's Ninth and "O Fortuna". And possibly, with some convincing, "Don't Stop Believing".) Nothing can stop you: when you're faced with a problem you don't give up until you've beaten it. You are a veteran security programmer, a self-taught hobbyist, or someone in between who just thinks malware is Ivan Drago from Rocky IV and wants to take that !@*?#er down.

    Malwarebytes wants you.

    We're not humble: although we're a team of only a few former hobbyists / community volunteers, we have over 30 million users worldwide, and some of the best detection and removal rates in the anti-malware industry. We know that a small group of talented, committed individuals can change the world. We're creative, we're crazy, we think outside the box, and we currently have more good ideas than we have people to help us make them happen.

    Come to work with us and you will immediately be in the center of our development effort, writing code that over 30 million computers around the world will run
    More Info:

    r u xprincD

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    Wrong forum

    On a serious note though, I like their approach, and its good to hear that they have some new ideas to work on.

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    I just hope they continue to keep the free stuff - FREE!!

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